Chill Girl

Who is the Chill Girl?

Society defines the “Chill Girl” as a woman who thinks that feminist identity politics are unimportant. She is the woman who is self-sufficient (independent, over-confident), “one of the boys” low-maintenance; Low attention required. The “Chill Girl” is the Chilled out, easy to “go along with-get along with” woman.

self-awareness and service it is our wish to build a global community of healthier girls and women.


The Mission of CHILL GIRL is to empower women toward self-advocacy, self-responsibility and a greater well-being; Especially as it relates to the Survivors of Abuse - Intimate Partner & Domestic Violence. By promoting self-care, self-awareness and service, it is our wish to build a global community of healthier girls and women.

CHILL GIRL seeks to serve as a SAFE SPACE for women once silenced due to trauma to regain their voices of expression and sense of self; a circle of SUPPORT and a source of EDUCATION as we SHARE our stories with other survivors! CHILL GIRL is where we Define Ourselves, for Ourselves! We do this by emphasizing our CORE VALUES.

Core Values

SHARING our stories to inspire one another

Community SUPPORT as we Educate and Engage within our communities

SISTERHOOD is important; as we heal together, we heal our homes

Community SERVICE unites us all on one common cause… SAVING LIVES!!

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